Aaron's Affordable Senior Care BBB Business Review

I have been a client of “Aarons Affordable Senior Care” since 12/11/09.  I love my service and my caregivers and have referred this company on more than one occasion to my friends.

J. Burroughs/Edmond OK

When I had paperwork that needed to be filled out and called to let them know I was coming to the office to get it done, instead, someone from the office picked it up, took it to the office and dropped it back off to me the very next day.  They did all that because it was winter and they did not want me to bundle my mother up and bring her out in cold temperatures to their office.  I had great service and would recommend them to anyone in need of a company who goes above and beyond.

Judy J./OKC, OK

I have used this company for over a year now and was a bit skeptical, so I had the caregiver start off doing light cleaning.  To my surprise I got the same caregiver all the time.  As my mothers illness progressed, I am glad to have the same caregiver that my mother not only has a relationship with, but they have become friends.  I can rest at ease knowing that my mom is being well taken care of and she is delighted in the caregivers cooking and looks forward to her arrival.

Mrs. Harrison/OKC, OK

I just want to thank all of you for caring for Mr. P.  He really loved the baths and visiting with the girls.  Having the girls here to help me take care of him, made things so much easier for me.  Thank you so much, you guys are very much appreciated.

Mrs. Netters  -Bethany, OK

When the facility told us that we needed to get someone to watch Mom because she was wandering due to her dementia progressing, we panicked because we all had full time jobs. I was so grateful when they handed me a couple of brochures and told me I could pick which one I wanted to use for help. I knew nothing about how to pick a caregiver but they guided me every step of the way. Just wanted to write you and say thanks again. You guys are such a blessing to us.

Mrs. Jean H.   -Norman, OK

My Mom and Dad still had their home in which they stayed together at the time when I needed help for them because Mom no longer had the energy to care for Dad and even started to need some assistance of her own. My neighbors told me about a company that they were using and said it was a “well known” company in which they said they chose because of the “name”. For a very steep price all I got was lousy caregivers who showed up whenever they felt like it and every time they tried to reach the owner(s) they were somewhere on a golf course, enjoying their weekend while I was pulling my hair out lol trying to run back and forth to their house, attend soccer games and balance my household as well. I then did a little research of my own, only to find you guys in the yellow pages and decided to go with you all because your director seemed very attentive and interested in fulfilling my needs as an individual. They were very patient, didn’t rush me through my questions or through the paper process while the other company just tossed me a pen like ..”sign right here please ..ok see ya we’ll send you whoever or whatever we have available”. The caregivers did exactly what I asked them to do and even things they noticed needed attention that I had no time to do like water my plants and dust here and there. They even allowed me to vent to them and just was a shoulder to cry on seeing that a lot of my family live up north. I also chose you because you were just like the name ..”affordable”. Everyone is not rich and I did not want something cheap I needed dependable people to help me without making me go bankrupt. My salary can’t cover my parents care and my families needs too. So basically, I got awesome help at a great price. Thanks again for all you did. Oh and that was me who referred you to the Bakers. I didn’t want any praise about it just wanted to help my neighbors in return like they had tried to initially help me. After I let them experience you guys for themselves on the 14th day I went over to visit Mrs. Baker and she ranted and raved while thanking me. I asked her why she stayed with the other company for so long and she said because her husband was afraid that they would only get worse if they tried to go anywhere else so they just stuck with what they were used to. Which was not fair I couldn’t take it not even for 2 weeks. No way!!

Sheila E  -Moore, OK

My doctor mentioned this company to me during a visit, when he told me that because my Mom kept falling, she was going to need someone to stay with her while I work during the day. Your girls are reliable and that was one of the most important things I needed when choosing a company to relieve me while I go teach during the day. I have a job where I can’t be late being a teacher and the kids depend on me and I depend on the caregiver to be there on time so that I can go do my job. That was a fear that quickly got eliminated after meeting with the caregiver ahead of time and she explained that she always arrives at least 15 mins early to allow for accidents and traffic and 30 mins early in the winter. Awesome right. Exactly. She kept her word and the time she got sick they sent me a relief who filled in like she had been there all along. Thanks again for everything.

Mrs. Peggy  -OKC, OK