Decision to Become a Caregiver

young and old The decision to become a caregiver is an important one. It might be because you have chosen to  care for a loved one, or you have the heart to become a professional caregiver, or maybe you’ve seen someone go through a difficult situation with a family member or friend.  You might find yourself in the midst of caring for an aging parent or grandparent and are not sure where to turn, or you just want to start a conversation and proactively discuss the need for their care. The decision to become a caregiver is not always an easy one.

Here are some things to consider  that can help you better understand your potential role as a caregiver – and make it a more rewarding experience:

Assess Living Arrangements: Will your parents or grandparents live in their own home – or with you? Maybe you want to search for a nursing home or long-term care facility to provide the best care for them. Ask what their medical needs and personal preferences are for both the short term and in the long run.( Note: most people prefer staying in the privacy of their own home)

Consider Home Healthcare along with private duty care: If your parents or grandparents want to continue to live on their own, home healthcare and private duty care may be a good option to help them do that. Meet with several agencies to find the best fit for you and your parents or grandparents. It’s important that everyone is comfortable with the people who will be providing care when you aren’t there.

Complete Estate Planning: Ask your parents or grandparents if they have a will – and if it needs to be updated. Have you discussed a living will or a healthcare or financial power of attorney (POA)? Estate planning helps you ensure their wishes are carried out accordingly – and can reduce your worries if an issue arises.

Review Financial Accounts and Records: Talk to your parents or grandparents about any retirement savings plans, bank accounts, property or other investment vehicles they’ve established. Ensure any beneficiary information is up to date and determine how any funds or proceeds will be distributed or taxed.

Learn about Medicare/Social Security: Medicare and Social Security can be a tricky subject to tackle. Be sure to stay updated on Medicare and Social Security benefits, so that your parents or grandparents are receiving the appropriate benefits. Your legal plan offers several online resources, like law guide articles, to help you learn more.

Decision to Become a Caregiver is not an easy one. For some it is very rewarding but having the right temperament is essential when choosing this carrier path. At  “Aaron s Affordable Senior Care” we pay attention to people who have the right temperament for this work. We also pare you up with clients  who you may have a good rapport with so when you go to work for us keep this in mind. It will help you in the care you provide for your client.

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